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The rest of the story (12:30pm)

First off, thanks to everyone for the great emails, phone calls, visits, and comments on the blog! :) Its really great to get them and know that so many people are thinking about us :)

Anna is doing really well, Connie has been able to feed little Anna the au-natural way successfully since last night about every 3 hours. I’ve been changing the diapers and doing baby transport (Connie still can’t get up and move very well).

So, after the last post yesterday evening, Anna’s heart rate dropped after each contraction. The doc didn’t like that and decided to do a C Section at around 8pm. After that, we rushed around to get me in my preps and Connie ready for surgery. Wow, surgery was something else. I was there to hold Connie’s hand throughout the entire procedure. I got to see pretty much everything and didn’t even faint! :) It was really something else when they pulled little Anna up out of there :)

After that, Connie was off to recovery and I stayed with Anna outside the nursery. They cleaned up Anna and did a bunch of routine stuff. The grandmas got to see Anna before she went into the nursery. Connie did great in recovery and after about an hour, the three of us checked into the room we’ll be in until this Sunday at 11am. After that, we’ll head home.


Ok, gotta go change a diaper :)

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2 Responses to “The rest of the story (12:30pm)”

  1. 1
    Corey & Vicky Bossert:

    So ‘fatherhood’ has hit JRTB in this mabudwee uh!!

  2. 2
    Scott Niven:

    Starman says….congratulations to the both of you!

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